The Echo Park community compost hub

Engaging mind, body, and spirit to harness the transformative power of composting to heal our city soils, grow good food, and build resilient, self-sustaining communities.

Proyecto Jardin's Echo Park Community Compost Hub is a small-scale compost demonstration site and education center with proven capacity to divert 2,000 pounds of food waste from landfill weekly.   We use community-scale composting to capture the nutrient and economic value of food waste and cycle it back within our community to improve our city soil, support urban agriculture, and reduce green house gases.

We THINK GLOBALLY when we divert food waste from landfill to prevent methane formation and reduce green house gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

We ACT LOCALLY when we use the composting process and its products to regenerate regenerate our depleted and ailing city soils, build a local living economy, and nurture mindful relationships between people and the earth and one another. 




WHEN: Every Wednesday

TIME:    5:30pm until sunset (about 7:30pm)

PLACE: 860 Echo Park Avenue, in the beautiful Echo Parque 90026

WHO:    Open to the public, all ages are welcome.

              Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult

BRING:  Your kitchen food scraps if you have any

WEAR:   Long pants, long sleeve shirts to prevent mosquito bites.

              Closed-toe shoes, for safety and comfort

              On supper hot sunny days, sunscreen is recommended

              Optional: Garden gloves and garden hat