PJLA is dedicated to the preservation of traditional ancestral wisdom and cultural knowledge banks that teach stewardship of our earth mother, her sacred waters, the air that we breathe, and all our relations and living beings.  We promote awareness of the indigenous roots of sustainable agriculture, emphasizing teachings and techniques passed down by elders and modeled by First Nations people who are the original inhabitants of North America.

Our Vision

We envision Los Angeles as a thriving urban food forest with Un Jardín Para Todos, a garden for everyone in every community, from pots on windowsills to roof top gardens, neighborhood orchards, backyard ranchitos and urban farms collectively growing fresh, organic food, supportive relationships, and healthy lives.

We see the people of Los Angeles living in healthy, vibrant communities with equitable access to public green spaces that are collaboratively designed, managed, and cared for in the spirit of communal self-determination to promote intergenerational and cross-cultural understanding, healing, and a sense of shared purpose. 

Our Mission

Proyecto Jardin LA is on a mission to create an equitable and sustainable regional food system by building a powerful grassroots movement for community food sovereignty rooted in cultural self-determination, land justice, regenerative agriculture, and community economic development.

Our Approach

RE-MEMBER & REGENERATE: We are activating the regenerative power of our sacred earth mother to feed our mind, body and spirit through meaningful education, soulful work, and radical hope.