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The Place


The Place


Proyecto Jardín is a communal urban farm in Boyle Heights born of the sweat equity, creative place-making efforts, and a bold kind of social entrepreneurship that galvanized hundreds of community residents, allies, and supporters to lovingly reclaim and repurpose a blighted residential lot and build a healing space for all.

Proyecto Jardin is . . .

. . . of, by, and for the people who made “something from nothing.” 

. . . a lush green oasis, an organic food source, and an agro-ecology farm lab.

. . . a learning tool, a sanctuary, and a peace and harmony zone. 

. . . a 1/3 acre farm in Boyle Heights.

. . . 43 raised beds and a public orchard of 63 fruit trees. 

. . . a community health & wellness hub and a traditional healing arts resource. 

. . . solar-power, rain water harvesting, bee hives and earth worm composting.

. . . El Caracol Medicine Wheel, Dia de Los Muertos, and the birth place of Eastside Earth Day

. . . Burning sage, copal, and cedar smudge; Sahumerios, talking circle, song and ceremony.

. . . Hoja Santa, Papalotl, and Epasote; Flor de calabaza, nopal, chaya and maiz.

. . . the gateway to individual and community empowerment, a Boyle Heights Cultural Treasure, and a Good Food Champion for Los Angeles City Council District 14.

. . . a process, a destination, a people, a movement, a public practice, a cultural expression, and a spiritual experience.                        

. . . an grassroots organization on a roll for 15 years and counting.